your company.

By joining Founderful Campus, you'll receive initial money to launch your startup. You'll also connect with our future investors, fellow startups and program alumni. There will be plenty of opportunities to network, securing a solid foundation of support as your startup takes shape.

Apply as a startup

What to expect

Secure your
startup's SUCCESS.

Gain the skills and receive the resources to give your company the best start.

Get started with
CHF 25,000.

Receive the money directly, helping you pay for your initial business expenses and the incorporation of your company.

Connect with Founderful's
investment team.

Be in direct contact with the Founderful team, gaining valuable feedback and support throughout the program.

Join our founder and
investor community.

Meet like-minded, leading founders and investors through events, exclusive VC workshops, and our Slack workspace.

Leverage the
Founderful name.

Display our logo on your website and pitch deck, showing that a tier-one VC fund has had your back from day one.

Our PORTFOLIO of startups.

They joined as startups, and left as founders. Meet our community of ventures that launched with the help of Founderful Campus.


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